Photography / Voncel's Reflection

My vacation to Indian Rock Beach, FL


    June 15th was the day i went to vacation to Indian Rock Beach down in Florida. What a very long 8 hour drive, but it was all worth it.I love taking little road trips because it gives me a chance to reflect, relax, and rejuvenate myself. When my fiance and I got to the beach about 9 in the morning, come to find out…we couldn’t check in till 4. So we went to the beach that morning and just relaxed and looked out how beautiful God is. But i didn’t capture this the night before we left to go back to our Georgia home. This was a spur of the moment shot. I saw a couple having a shoot, and it had me wondering, maybe they are newly engaged, or maybe they were just having a shoot just to have one and express their love for one another. This is truly magical how i captured this, and finalized it with a little editing.

I definitely recommend you guys visit Indian Rock Beach even if its for a day!

Photographer: Voncel’s Reflection

Voncel’s Reflection Copyright  2013

Here are  more photos from the vacation





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