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Flat Out of Heels, LLC

FLAT OUT rollable emergency flats are the cure for stiletto sore feet. Cute, comfortable and compact! Step into something more comfortable with FLAT OUT

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In fall 2012, Dawn Dickson, founder and CEO of Flat Out of  Heels LLC, came to the Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur and spoke to us about her start with her brand and entrepreneurship. There a great friend of mine, Ashley Burks and I, met her personally and exchanged contact information to do future projects with her brand. First off, Flat Out of Heels is a major shoe campaign around the globe. Celebrities such as Essence Atkin, Vanessa Williams, Kandi Burrus, Mimi Faust, and many more are supporters of this campaign. So spring of 2013, Ashley and I put together a shoot for Dawn relating to the everyday where of Flat Out of Heels. This was a major opportunity of both of us because Ashley is a fashion consultant with a degree in fashion and merchandising, as well as myself. (your favorite fashion photographer) So here is a little taste of photos from the shoot. Major shout out to Camaree Barr(Model), Jasmine Jones(Model), Lilyan Christene(Model), Barbara Blair (MUA), and Crystal Spellman (MUA)


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