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Mi Cocina: Fabulous Food Friday




Today i had the pleasure of visiting Mi Cocina Restaurant for a food tasting, with my team from BE Magazine, Jenn Bins of Liz Lapidus PR, and the fabulous Chishala from Iam Jmariie Magazie. Mi Cocina  is Dallas’ best Tex-Mex restaurant, set in a modern, comfortable atmosphere. Which  is located down in the Midtown of Atlanta Ga. When i got there, i felt absolutely refreshed because the interior was breathtaking.

To start off with the brunch tasting, i first had myself a mango margarita garnished with a lime. Now if anybody knows me, the should know that i love me some margaritas, and that was a tasty one.


Next it was time to eat, so i decided to try Huevos con Brisket. This entree came with three eggs scrambled with their slow cooked brisket topped with cheddar cheese. But the great thing is, that they came as three tortillas with a side of potatoes, refried beans topped with cheese, bacon, and special sour cream. The brisket was mouth watering and really tasteful and moist. The refried beans were pretty good, not a favorite, but it was definitely better than beans that I’ve tasted. Last but not least was their special sour cream which was pretty tasteful and surprisingly sweet.


Lastly was desert, which could not leave without a taste of heaven in my mouth. I finally can say that i know what Flan taste like, which is a traditional Mexican desert. I loved the taste of it because it was something new.


If you’re ever in  the Atlanta area, i recommend that you stop by Mi Cocina wether it’s just for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner.

Mi Cocina

1080 Peachtree St NE  Atlanta, GA 30309
(404) 872-8801


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