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Product Review: Canon Rebel T2i (This should be your first camera)


Are you a Nikon or Canon User? Well I’m Team Canon over here, and I wanted to show you why I absolutely love my Canon Rebel T2i.

Whether you are an aspiring  photographer ready to get their first camera, or even if you are a professional photographer wanting to buy a really nice camera at a really affordable price, then the Canon Rebel T2i should definitely be your first camera. It takes really amazing photographs (as well as a crisp clean video) its fun, and is something that you can really grow with.

The $900 T2i is the best DSLR for the money shoved into a smaller body. T2i uses an 18-megapixel APS-C image sensor that’s not too different from the 7D’s; the same 1080p/full manual video capabilities; and the same IFCL 63-layer dual-zone metering system, adjusted for the T2i’s different autofocus setup.

With that being  said, it still feels like an entry-level DSLR, for better and worse.

The plastic body of the camera feels like a point and shoot than a huge camera – it’s relatively compact and light in your hands with just enough rubber in the grip to wield the camera effectively.

All in all, the T2i appears to be a nice entry-level camera with the heart of something more. Pros may nasally gripe about the build and access to some controls, but for you, Mr. Amateur Photographer? It’ll feel highly accessible and plenty-good in your hands.Check Out How Well The Camera  Works!!!

_MG_1048 _MG_0958 582217_412055242179145_1260749492_n image image _MG_9792

Hope you enjoyed!!!

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