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Re[captured] Trey Anthony’s “Da Kink In My Hair”: Press Conference


I had the pleasure of going to a Press Conference on Tuesday, September 3, 2013 to get the scoop on Trey Anthony’s Play “Da Kink In My Hair”. The lovely Melanie Fiona, Anjie Stone, and Terri J Vaughn, are staring in this play.

The Award winning stageplay has finally made it’s way to ATL. Trey Anthony’s “Da Kink In My Hair” is here!!!! The play Stars Grammy Award-winning R&B artist, Melanie Fiona, R&B Diva Angie Stone and actress Terri J. Vaughn. ‘da Kink in My Hair’ is an emotion filled stage play that giving voice to eight black women who tell their unforgettable stories of love, hope, survival and redemption. Finidng it hard for black women to get really good and authentic roles in Canada, Trey Anthony felt it was apart of her destiny to create a platform for real life stories to BE told and for black women to BE portrayed in a different more positive light .The play displays women of all shapes, sizes and complexions. Although the play had major success in Canada, Anthony felt like it was her calling to bring it to an american audience.


Angie Stone – Plays Nia, who has dealt with issues regarding her skin complexion and never receiving the love that her fair skinned sister did from their recently deceased mother. Angie feels this story in a lot of ways mimics her life. She is able to play a character who speaks to the hearts and souls of every person. She in real life has to deal with the challenges of having darker skin, much like her character.


Terri J Vaughn – Plays Sherelle, the business woman who feels like she can never accomplish enough. Vaughn states that what she loves about BEing apart of this show, is everything speaks to you in one way or another. This is her ministry, this is the way she serves her community and mankind. The play challenges people, it heals people , it nurtures and brings life to art.


Melanie Fiona – plays Suzy, a bi racial woman who has issues coming to terms with her background in a .mainstream world. A native Canadian like Trey Anthony, saw the stage play over 10 years ago when it came to Toronto. She states that ” From the first time i saw this play, the emotion i felt about BEing a mixed black girl stayed in my head, when i got the call to join the cast, i jumped at the opportunity”


You could see the passion in all the ladies as they explained their roles and explain why they felt it was their duty to BE apart of something so spectacular and so emotionally charging. See the play for yourself.

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For more info and more show dates visit.

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