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Breakfast on Another Level By. Unique Syrups



On October 16, 2013 Chef Adr’ain Guillaume Along with Sharlinda Parker from Big Rick Atlanta who hosted the evening, invited guest to the first installment of his soon to be popular series “Breakfast on Another Level”. The Brunch included a 4 course meal, that were extremely tasting and heaven to the pallet.

Course 1 included  Fresh Atlantic Salmon cakes that were cooked to a golden flawlessness served  over a bed  rich polenta topped with a pineapple corn salsa.


Course 2 included pork belly poached to perfection served with honeyed potato hash and topped with a fried egg and truffle brown butter.


Course 3 included a savory breakfast bread pudding topped with vanilla bean strawberries and finished with Vanilla-Scotch syrup.


Course 4 included the evening cocktail which were Chef Adr’ain’s Unique Syrups infused with Exclusiv Vodka. Drinks and it’s flavors certainly flattered the meal. They were Spicy Bourbon Pineapple Coconut Basil Martini and Strawberry Sage.

The Evening included a room full of enthusiastic supporters and fans and a night filled with love, laughs, and endless stories. Special guests included Greg Cole of Nancy’s Buckhead Pizza, Sabrina Rowe (Author and Twin Sister of Sharlinda) Super Producer and Engineer D’vante Black , Braylon Gorman and many more. Thanks to Kia Kelliebrew, Exclusiv Vodka, It’s Poppin and everyone else who made this event successful.

I would definitely have to say that this was an awesome night! Congrats Adr’ain!_MG_8948_MG_8965 _MG_8969 _MG_9000 _MG_9001 _MG_9005


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