Inspirational Thursdays: Alexei Bazdarev

I wanted to start off with doing inspirational thursdays for my blog. I feel that doing this will broaden my mind in the world of photography. Its amazing when I see how everyone’s mind is by looking at their photographs.

Today my inspirational thursday is dedicated to photographer Alexei Bazdarev. Mr. Bazdarev is a  Fashion, portrait, erotique photographer.
Based in Dusseldorf, Germany. Originally from Moscow, Russia.


91fc0f56036e22d879dae0dcb2a749cb 793aee1db3df19bb5d50f41b1c7fa3bf 247154c2014b8bd4627c217f21ce94ae a8a90aeeff897bacccfa366784baa97d abe1484c667302379c9fae7f1ab4aae6 bdedd15fb088000e5cbf5eaad21e0e90 dd45eaad6e3cc2f2739ddb3c871ddbbc


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