Photography / Voncel's Reflection

Through The Glass Window

This past weekend,  I had an amazing photo shoot with Morgan and Dani. These two young ladies are a joy to work with and definitely something FIERCE. I captured these images at the Georgian Hotel here in Atlanta, Ga which is beyond historic. When I get ready for a shoot, I really do get nervous because I never know what the outcome may be, or what even could go wrong. But, when I start shooting all of my fears go away and everything is a breeze. I entitled this post Through the Glass Window, because it looks exactly like something magical that you will see as a spectator on the inside of a beautiful place. Something so innocent and dreamy. This is actually my fourth major shoot of the year, I would definitely have to say that I am pleased with the results.  Photography is something that I was definitely born to do….the power to stop time with the blink of an eye is remarkable.













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