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A Kiss of Death








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I remember it like it was yesterday! On an extremely cold day in January, I pulled together my first fashion shoot of 2014. Working with a new model was definitely an excitement and joy to my soul. Morgan Hennum is a 15 year old model signed with Click Model Management here in Atlanta, Ga. The first day Morgan and I  met, we instantly clicked, she was a little shy but it certainly broke through as we started shooting. My team and I pulled this shoot off in an Historic graveyard here in Atlanta. The fashion looks that we pulled off certainly went with the theme of the shoot.


One thought on “A Kiss of Death

  1. These photos are absolutely stunning and the model is absolutely gorgeous. You can’t tell she is a shy person at all through these photographs and she looks older than 15! Do you ever get nervous working with new models? How do you deal with working with new models? I am not a photographer and I don’t know anything about the profession, but I’ve heard that photographers like to bond with the models because it makes them easier to work with and the photographs look more natural cause the models are relaxed. You have excellent photography skills and obviously give great direction to models based on the photos above. Keep up the great work!

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