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Help Me Raise Money For A New Camera


Hey you guys,

Darius Marshall here in Atlanta, Ga, is a celebrity fashion and portrait photographer and saavy graphic designer who is best known for award-winning images as well as his revolutionary “FreeStyle” shooting, marketing and workflow. Today Darius is a full-time student at Full Sail University pursuing a degree in Entertainment Business, and his career goal is to be a Marketing Director for a fashion magazine and/or model and talent agency, as well as his own photography studio.

Darius an extremely talented and dedicated individual, who has always had a passion with photography. He doesn’t have a camera anymore to share his talent with the world, and is trying to raise up $3,000 so that he could purchase the camera of his dreams. In order to do that he would love to have your help. Just a Donation of $5 would help. Just $5 would put him a step closer to get back to doing what he loves the most, which is capture the essence which lies within each an every person he comes across.


Featured on Vogue Italia’s PhotoVogue, Winter 2011

Art Institute Digital Art Competition, Summer 2012 (2nd place)

Nonsense Society, Spring 2012

BE Magazine (Cover Issue), Winter 2014

Figment Magazine, Summer 2014

C’est Moi Magazine, Spring 2014

C’est Moi Magazine, Summer 2014

Thank you all

To view his talent please visit http://voncelsreflectionphoto.squarespace.com778844_495736017144400_1880207859_o


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